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Ukuphula Iketanga © (isiZulu for Breaking the Chains)

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Please note that Ukuphula Iketanga is the “brand name” under which our programs are presented.

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This program has been developed after much searching to find the  perfect program to meet the needs of ministering in a multicultural  society.   Africa is a very complex continent with many ethnic cultures, languages and diverse peoples.   The beliefs of Africa play a vital part in the everyday life of its people. The culture of its people is a tapestry of many threads, interwoven with one another giving colour to existence.   Even the races are not just black and white, but include a multitude of in-betweens. These factors cannot be denied, nor can they be ignored. We need to embrace our differences and feed the spiritual needs of the inner man and woman.   

The writers have considered the specialized needs of “Prison Ministry” and have included topics relevant to the circumstances that those  imprisoned find themselves in and discussion is intended to take these circumstances into consideration   The intention is to restore the inmate, who will ultimately become an ex-offender, back into family and everyday life effectively and meaningfully to reduce the  

re-offending rate.   

At the same time, outside communities have not been forgotten in compiling these talks.   Some talks will be irrelevant to their environment and circumstances and therefore, may be left out.  The topics of Anger and Forgiveness are relevant to the greater community and family as they consider the restoration of the ex-offender back into productive and  meaningful life.   

Restoration is common to all and beginning a true and meaningful  Relationship with God is the intention of these talks wherever you may find yourself, be it behind bars or fighting to make a living in the jungle of the outside world.

May the study of these talks lead to a more fruitful spiritual life and  start the participants on a journey to a future of hope through the knowledge and understanding of the Lord  Jesus Christ. However, a   journey is not complete until we have reached your destination and  further study should not be neglected as we travel this earthly road of life, towards eternal life.