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Ukuphula Iketanga © (isiZulu for Breaking the Chains)

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If we don’t reach the inmate, they will reach us!

Ukuphula Iketanga -


A 12 week course explaining the  biblical principles of discovering and knowing who Jesus Christ is.

Topics include Prayer, The Church and the  Holy Spirit.

A quick review of our Courses

The Ukuphula Iketanga Course is a South African developed course with special emphasis on the diversity of our country, yet not compromising on basic Bible principles/doctrines.


An extract from the foreword to the course by Dr Chris Peppler, Founder & Chairman of the South African Theological Seminary explains:-

"Above all, the editors have structured Ukuphula Iketanga around both the needs of prisoners and the truth demands of the Kingdom of God. It is Gospel orientated, yet it also contains important material dealing with sociological issues such as sexuality and anger. Two philosophical threads stitch the whole series together. The first is the firm belief that only Jesus Christ can bring about radical, real and lasting personal transformation. The second is the conviction that His truth claims need to be presented and assimilated within the context of current real-life situations. "